My Quilting Story – Lets start from the very beginning…….

I was going to call this “My Quilting Journey ” But I really hate the way that word is used these days….but that’s a another whole story.

My story starts like most with sewing at school, I was never really enjoyed sewing at school but I did it because I had to. I come from family of handicraft women, allot of knitting, crochet and needlework, we were all taught to sew. I remember in my teen years swapping housework chores with my mother so she would sew me a new outfit, I was capable but I didn’t like sewing and she didn’t like housework. There was no such thing as shopping for a special dress for a social event in our family, things were always homemade, but homemade well so I was always proud to wear what was made for me. Fast forward a few years and an extended backpacking trip round Europe bought me back to Australia many many kilos heavier than I left and broke. The only chance I had of not walking round naked was to borrow mums old sewing machine ( she had updated to a fancy “cam ” machine )  and start sewing some clothes, this went on for quite some years, back then before everything was made in China you could get good quality fabric to make clothes that lasted and it was still much cheaper to sew your own clothes than purchase ready made.  I made everything! jeans, tops underwear including Bras, a few wedding dresses for friends and family …everything, I sewed for all my friends children but at this stage there was not a quilt in sight!

In 1991 I got married to the most wonderful man that I am still fortunate to be able to spend every day with. At the time we were building a house and renting in a nearby town. A quilt shop had recently opened up called ” Lighthouse Cottage Quilts” it was run by ( I think ) 3 talented ladies that had the fortunately for me insight to not only have a beautiful quilting shop but also run quilting classes with talented teachers out of Sydney ( not something that happened often in the country ) So one Saturday morning while my husband was at work I “popped” into the shop and was instantly hooked. As I was working full time and not planning to have kids for a few years I had the two things needed to quilt, time and disposable income! Not having time to attend classes I bought my self a book, picked a pattern out, got some fabric ( the closest match I could possibly make to the picture in the book of course ) and I was off, little did I realise that I would also be back in the coming weeks and buy all these new toys, rulers, rotary cutters etc.etc. I was so keen I would leave work at lunch time, drive the 7 km to the house we rented, do a bit of piecing and then drive back to work….wondering the whole afternoon if I had remembered to turn off the iron!

Over the next few years my quilting progressed I was lucky enough to do classes with people that went on to become very recognisable Australian Quilting teachers, which at the time would have been all quite new to their  careers as quilting teachers, we were still along way behind the USA, good fabric was ( and still is ) very expensive, I collected every quilting magazine out their and like allot of quilters probably spent more time “looking” than doing.  Then in about 1993? Janome bought out their first Machine Embroidery machine ….and I wanted one. BAD!

Being the person that I am I have to be able to justify things, especially the big purchases, I had tried every line I could think of the get this machine, …you know I could do shirts for work, and for our friends work, maybe I could sell the shirts, they have xxx embroidery designs wouldn’t that be good, Hey you know when we have kids they could have the cutest bunny rugs etc. I am sure my husband got sick of hearing about it.  Little did I know that Santa was going to be very generous that year.


My sewing room at our first home, tucked up the back of my house, tiny, cosy, organised and very productive!

Meet me back here again to hear the rest of the Story.

Till next time ……Take Care






My Quilting Story – Lets start from the very beginning…….

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