Whats in a Blog name ?

I have been thinking about the perfect blog name for quite some time now, its a tricky one …you want something catchy, a little witty, that actually means something to you.  Something that when you become a incredibly talented quilter people will be able to remember. ( yes we all will be incredibly talented quilters one day ! )

Looking at my final choice I don’t think it  meets my very own  criteria. In my usual  procrastinating manner I think not being able to choose the perfect blog name stopped me numerous times from continuing, then of course when I did find the perfect name it was already taken, how could other person have already had the exact same incredibly  fantastic blog name that took me ages to choose.

Anyway my final choice was not the witty play on words I was hoping to find but it does mean something to me ….first it has the word Quilt in it, after my family the word quilt rates right up there with good friends, great food, fun times all life’s essentials to survive. ( Yes quilting can be an essential part of life for a sometimes sad group of individuals ) Then the word Yatta, this is where I live, well its part of the place I live, Yatta Yattah, NSW Australia.  The word Yatta has a few different translations depending on the language, as I am in Australia , where I live is a translation of a aboriginal word meaning two waterfalls there is a rainforest and waterfall very close to my home. In Japanese I found this definition

I did it” and “hooray” are similar enough in meaning to “yatta”. It’s an exclamation given when you accomplish something you are proud of.”

Not that I can speak even a word in Japanese ( well except for Yatta ) but the Japanese definition makes it the  perfect word to put before the word Quilt.

Well with absolutely no previous blog experience this starts my Blogging/quilting adventure stay tuned for my next post that will actually have something about quilting… well about me and when/how I started quilting.

Till next time ….Take Care


PS …when I work out how I will get some of those bloggy things like pretty banners and pictures up!


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